Canadians consistently make up the top 10 foreign tourists to India, which is unusual given that we have a large Indian community in Canada. In fact, 5% of all foreign tourists to India are Canadian

The 30-day
India tourist visa for Canadians visiting India for a short period of 30 days is a single entry, meaning you can only enter India once. Once your visa is approved, you must use it within 120 days. Check your visa approval copy for the exact visa expiry date.

60-day India tourist visa for Canadian citizens visiting India for a short period of 60 days. This visa allows for double entry, which means you can travel to India twice.

1-year India tourist e-visa, this is for anyone who wants to explore the whole country or in general stay for one full year but you can stay for continuous 180 days only after which you need to exit the country and re-enter.

5 years tourist e-visa, gives you 5 years of validity and it is a multiple-entry visa. With this visa, you can stay for a maximum period of 90 days at a time as long as your visa is valid. The stay period is extended to 180 days for Canadian passport holders only.

Other than these visas, you can also apply for medical visas or business visas for which the process would be slightly different Requirements

For Canadian citizens to apply for India Tourist Visa

The requirements for an Indian tourist visa, particularly for Canadians are pretty simple and straightforward, at least on paper, you need to fill out a form and submit some basic documents and within 24 hours your visa will be sent to you via email.

But in fact, when it comes to online visas, Indian government websites also face their own challenges like frequent server downtime, many payment error issues, and lack of support to the customer Overall, the process was not smooth.

So we recommend that you spend 10 minutes on the India e-Tourist Visa application and have all the documents at hand, if you have any incidences or problems related to payment.

Be careful when paying the e-Visa fee. If your payment fails 3 times, your application ID will be blocked and you will no longer be able to make payments and request a new application with all forms filled.

The documents required to obtain an Indian e-Tourist Visa for Canadians are:

1. A scanned copy of the front and back of the passport.

2. A passport-size photograph with a white background

3. Information from parents.

4. Spouse Information

5. Indian port of entry