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Terms & Condition

The following terms and conditions, wherein the terms “ the applicant ” and “ you ” relate to the Indian e-Visa aspirant looking to fill their e-Visa for India operation through this website and the terms “ we ”, “ our ”, “ us ”, and “ this website ” relate to https// are meant to cover everyone’s legal interests.

 When you pierce and use this website, you agree to have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. That’s necessary to use our website and mileage of the service that we offer.

 You must know that everyone’s legal interests are defended and that our relationship with you is built on trust. Please be apprehensive that you must accept these terms of service to make use of our point and the services we offer.

  Personal data

 The website stores and registers the following information handed by the stoner as particular data on a secure database

  1. Names
  2. Date and place of birth
  • Passport details
  1. Date of issue and expiration
  2. Type of supporting substantiation or documents
  3. Phone and dispatch address
  • Postal and endless address
  • eyefuls, specialized computer details, payment records,etc.

 This particular data won’t be participated, shared or exposed to third parties except

  1. When the applicant explicitly agrees to it.
  2. When the operation and conservation of the website are dependent on it
  • When the information is needed by law or a fairly binding order.
  1. When it’s notified without the particular information being susceptible to demarcation.
  2. When the information handed has to be used by the company to reuse the operation.
  3. The website won’t be responsible when any aspirant provides incorrect information.

 See our sequestration Policy for further information on our confidentiality regulations.


 Website Use

 This website is intimately possessed and isn’t combined in any way with the Government of India. All of its data and content are copyrighted and the property of a private reality. This website and all the services it provides are confined to particular use only.


 By penetrating and using this website, the user agrees not to modify, exercise, copy, or download any element of this website for marketable use. All data and content on this website are copyrighted.



 Users of this website must pay heed to the following regulations for the use of the website


  1. The User isn’t allowed to note on anything which may be supposed as insulting or obnoxious to this website, other members, or any third parties.
  2. The User may not publish, partake, or copy anything that might be reprehensible to the general public and morals.
  • The User may not perform any action that might violate this website’s intellectual property or reserved rights.
  1. The User may not engage in felonious or any other illegal conditioning.

 Still, he/she will be held responsible for the same and would have to cover all due costs, If the User ignores the below regulations or causes any kind of damage to a third party while using our services. We’ll not be responsible for the User’s conduct in such a case. However, we’ve the right to take legal action against the lawbreaker, If the User violates our Terms and Conditions.


 Cancellation or disapprobation of e-Visa India Application

 The aspirant is banned to engage in the following conditioning


  1. Enter false particular information.
  2. Conceal or forget any information needed during enrolment for India e-Visa.
  • Ignore, forget, or change any required information fields when applying for the India e-Visa.

 Still, we reserve the right to cancel the stoner’s pending visa operations, decline their enrolment , If the User engages in any of the over stated disallowed conditioning. In case the User’s Indian e-Visa has formerly been approved, we reserve the right to remove the User’s information from this website.


 About Our Services

 We’re an online operation service provider grounded in Asia and Oceania and our service includes easing the process of e-Visa operation by foreign citizens who wish to visit India.

  1. Our agents can help you in carrying your Electronic Travel Authorization ore-Visa from the Government of India, and also we will give it to you.
  2. We help you in filling out your operation, duly reviewing your answers, rephrasing information, and checking the document for delicacy, absoluteness, spelling and alphabet crimes.
  • We may communicate you via phone or dispatch if we need any fresh information from you to reuse your request.
  1. Once you have completed the operation form handed on our website, you’ll get the chance to review the information you have handed and make any changes if necessary.
  2. After that, you’ll be reminded to make the payment for our services. An expert will review your request for the Visa and also it’ll be submitted for blessing to the Government of India. In utmost cases, your operation will be reused and upon blessing would be granted in lower than 24 hours.


 Still, any incorrect details or any details missing may be get the operation to be delayed.


 Temporary suspense of Service

 The website may be suspended temporarily for the following reasons


  1. System conservation.
  2. Matters similar as natural disasters, demurrers, software updates,etc. impeding the functioning of the website that are out of our control
  • unlooked-for electricity cut or fire.
  1. Changes in the operation system, specialized difficulties, updates, or other similar reasons make service suspense necessary.

 In all similar cases, the website will be suspended temporarily after furnishing advance notice to Users of the website who wo n’t be held responsible for any possible damages caused due to the suspense.


 Exemption from Responsibility

 This website’s services are limited to vindicating and reviewing the details on the aspirant’s operation form for the Indian e-Visa and submitting the same. The blessing or rejection of the operation is subject entirely to the Government of India.

 The website or its agents won’t be responsible for the final result of the operation, similar as when it’s cancelled or denied, due to incorrect, missing or misleading information.



We reserve the right to alter or make changes to the contents of the Terms and Conditions and the contents of this website at any given time. Any changes made will come effective incontinently.

By using this website, you understand and completely agree to abide by the regulations and restrictions set by this website, and you completely agree that it’s your responsibility to check for any changes in the Terms and Conditions or the content.


 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

 The conditions and terms outlined herein fall under the horizon of Indian law. In the event of any legal proceedings, all parties will be subject to the governance of the same.


 No Immigration Advice

 We help with the submission of the operation for an India Visa. This doesn’t include any advice related to immigration for any country.