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Privacy Policy

Our policy aims to be client friendly. We as an organisation are open about the information we collect, and the programs around it. We aim to be as transparent as possible about the information we collect, as well as how it’s collected and used.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

At the time of application filed, we have to collect the following information:

  • Information that the biography page of your passport contains
  • Information such as your age, spouse, parents and other family details
  • Photograph of your face
  • Scanned copy of your passport
  • Information related to your medical procedure, if you apply for a medical visa
  • Information about the Indian organisation being visited, if you apply for a business visa
  • A reference in your home country
  • Your date of arrival in India and the purpose of your visit
  • Certain personal data

You offer us this information so that your Visa application can be processed successfully. The Immigration officers appointed by the Government of India need this information to conduct background checks so that a decision can be made on your Visa to India. This also depends on the Indian Visa Type you apply for.

Remember that the decision of your application is at the sole discretion of the relevant authorities and the Government of India. Neither we nor any intermediary party can intervene or make any promises regarding the outcome of your India Visa Application.

When you as an applicant provide any information on this website or the Indian Visa Application Form, such information is stored in secure, encrypted databases and data centres. These are maintained up to the highest standards. We make all efforts to stick to the latest and best practices of the industry, to protect the information you provide us.

We collect certain personally identifiable information from you which we treat in the strictest confidence. We also consider this information to be very sensitive.

Such information includes your criminal background, your first name, middle name, family name, parents’ name, marital status, spouse details, face photograph, scanned copy of passport, a reference in your home country and one in India.

In addition, details of your travel, dates of arrival and departure from India, your gender, ethnicity, port of arrival in India and other incidental information can be required by the Immigration Officers of the Government of India.

We shall ask you for these after you have completed applying for the Indian Visa Online on this website.

Business Analytics

We reserve the right to use information that relates to our online analytics platform which is information like the browser being used by you. This helps us provide the best quality of services for the most commonly used browsers, and the location you apply from so that we can tailor our content for our audience accordingly. Also, information on the type of device you use is collected to inform our technology strategy policy.

Other information such as those relating to your operating system is collected to improve our website and IP address. This also helps us prevent malicious activities and denial of service.

Our clients are at the centre of our analytics policy, hence an improved user experience can be offered on the Indian e Visa website.


How we collect particular information identifies an existent until their visa operation process is completed and the outgrowth is determined.

By using our website, you agree to the sequestration Policy we’ve and all its terms and conditions. We maintain peak norms in the assiduity to make sure your information is defended and is neither participated nor vended to any 3rd party.
You offer us this information so that your Visa operation can be reused successfully. The Immigration officers appointed by the Government of India need this information to conduct background checks so that a decision can be made on your Visa to India. This also depends on the Indian Visa Type you apply for.

Flash back that the decision of your operation is at the sole discretion of the applicable authorities and the Government of India. Neither we nor any central party can intermediate or make any pledges regarding the outgrowth of your India Visa Application.

How Is This Collected particular Information employed?
The particular information that we mention in this sequestration policy for Indian Visa Application Form will be utilised in the following ways, but not limited to

Processing of Indian Visa Application

The primary ideal of collecting this information is the successful processing of your Indian Visa Application. We partake the information with the applicable Functionary Indian Government authorities so that they can make a decision and finalize an outgrowth for your Indian Visa Application.

The authorities of the Indian Government can either authorize your operation or deny it, as only they’ve the sole discretion and right to make the final decision.

For Applicant communication

We collect information to be suitable to communicate with aspirants like you about the outgrowth of Indian Visa status. We also need to communicate with your during the India Visa operation Process any fresh information needed by the Government of India to be suitable to make a decision.

Some of these reasons may be to check who’s the main reference in India, which hostel will you stay in India, who’s accompanying you and the main purpose of your trip.

We need to be suitable to successfully communicate with you regarding the outgrowth of your operation, any status, respond to queries, and answer any dubieties and interpretations. Please note that we don’t partake your contact details with any other family organisations or for any marketing purposes.

India Visa operation Process

We work diligently to ameliorate the client experience, thus all the information collected that’s of non-personally identifiable nature is collected to ameliorate the stoner experience and better delivery of the products to the guests.

To ameliorate the stoner experience, we need to know certain information and assay it using colorful software and decision- making system to ameliorate the delivery of the software and online channel to our guests. Our online platform, our services and our delivery and commitment to guests depend on a collection of this information.

We flatter ourselves in furnishing the simplest and easiest Indian Visa Online gate for Users across the world. This global platform has created a revolution in the delivery of Indian visas to the world.

We’re a world leader in furnishing an e-Visa for India to the world as have the tremendous responsibility of living up to the anticipation of the applicants in 180 countries.

Compliance with the Law

We operate withinthe legal frame of colorful governmental bodies and need to misbehave with colorful rules, laws, bills and regulations. We can be checked and can have legal proceedings, or examinations. thus, we may be under a legal obligation to partake this information to misbehave with a court order or legal matters.

Other Reasons For Use Of This Information

We can use this information to insure thatour Terms and Conditions are being stuck to and for enforcement of Cookie Policy. We need to cover ourselves from any fraudulent exertion and can use this information.

Participating of Personal Information
Your information isn’t participated with any third party, conciliator or marketing organisation. The only circumstances under which particular information is participated are described below

With the Government of India or Other Governments

We must give your information to the Immigration Officer of the Government of India so that your Indian Visa Application can be decided. Without participating this information, there will be no outgrowth for your Indian e-Visa.

The Indian Government needs to reuse Indian Visas and it’ll come up with a decision with blessing/ Granted or Rejection/ Denial of your India Visa Application Form most frequently within 72 hours of applying, or 3 business days.

Legal obligation for Information participating

When you file an operation for Indian Visa on https//, you admit that whenever legal regulations bear us to expose the particular information to the applicable authorities, we will be under legal scores. These laws and regulations may be in India or other countries outside the hearthstone of the India Visa aspirant.

We need to apply our Terms and Conditions, thus wemay need to use this particular information toeither cover our rights or respond to public officers of colorful Government authorities, to misbehave with court procedures, for adherence to legal processes, and to cover our intellectual property, for protection of our right, to pursue a legal course of action and to limit or minimise the damages that we may have to dodge.

Particular Information operation and omission

You have the right to be forgotten as per GDPR compliance and every right to request us to cancel your information. Any information that we collect from you in an electronic conformation is subject to omission grounded on a request from you.

You may note that we aren’t suitable to cancel that information which is fairly needed by us under an ongoing legal obligation or we’re forced to keep it under the law for any reasons without exposure of those reasons.

Retention of Data By This Platform
Dataencryption,cryptographic keys and stylish ofthe strain security practices               including OWASP top 10, and web operation firewall are utilised by us to minimise the probability of theft, loss or abuse of your information. We’ve strong security controls in place to insure that your particular information is unaltered, auditable, and traceable.

We’ve security measures concentrated at every step of the process from the operation to the data centre to insure that no tampering and revision of your information is possible without an inspection trail and that only trusted security labor force have access to this information.

We’vesoftware- grounded controls and physical security controls in place to cover 

this information. Any information that isn’t applicable is deleted by us according to the retention policy of our software. You can ask us for our data retention policy.

Your information may be kept for over to 5 times as needed by the records keeping act and archival policy. We need to cleave to colorful laws and operate under a legal frame.

Please note that when you apply for an India Visa online, you must insure that your PC or mobile phone is safe to use. If any vicious program is installed on your device also we won’t be suitable to secure your information.

We insure the translated transport of your information. The data is translated at rest and in conveyance for your visa for India at all times and between each software element including from your PC to our website https// and between each software element in the backend.

Revision and Changes to this sequestration Policy
Our legal policy, our Terms and Conditions, our response to Government legislation and other factors may force us to make changes to this sequestration Policy. It’s a living and changing document and we can make changes to this sequestration Policy and may or may not notify you of the changes to this policy.

The changes made to this sequestration policy are effective incontinently upon the publishing of this policy and these come into effect incontinently. It’s the responsibility of the stoner to be informed of this sequestration policy.

When you complete the Indian Visa operation Process, we ask you to accept our Terms and Conditions and our sequestration Policy. therefore, you’re being offered the occasion to read, review and give us feedback about our sequestration Policy before submission of your operation and payment to us.

You Can Reach Us
We can be communicated at the Contact Us. We drink feedback, suggestions, recommendations and areas of enhancement from our druggies. We look forward to perfecting the formerly stylish platform in the world for applying for Indian Visa Online.

We Do Not give Immigration Advice
Please note that furnishing immigration advice requiresa licence or concurrence from applicable authorities. We act on behalf of you and lodge your operation after expert checks, we don’t give you with Immigration Advise for any country including India for your Visa Application.