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Refund and Cancellation Policy

This website provides users with permitting to apply for a refund/ cancellation in case they don’t want to do with our services.


 The user may apply for the cancellation/ refund within 30 Minutes of submitting their operation or application, per the following conditions


  1. A) No refund/ cancellation is possible when the time of trip is within 1 week.
  2. B) After we admit your request for cancellation/ refund within 30 minutes after you submit the operation or application, we will initiate the refund after a deduction of 50 percent towards the cancellation charges.
  3. C) To request a refund, kindly mail us at that must include the following
  4. Your reason for such a request
  5. Your full name( as present on your passport)
  • Your unique application ID
  1. The email id you have used to register on this website.

 All refund requests will be settled within 72 hours.

Disclaimer: India eVisa online website provides you India eVisa service. This is a commercial India e-Visa application website and fees are charged for using our services. You can also apply through direct official channels. Please read our terms and conditions carefully before using our services.