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One of the wonderful tourist attractions in India, Manali is a charming town and hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It attracts Indian nationals visiting the country and tourists with Indian e-Visas. Once just a trading town between two famous Himalayan mountains, it was frequented by the British, especially in summer.

Over time, it has become a paradise for motorcyclists, adventure seekers and those who simply enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather. If you like waterfalls, snowy mountains, forests and good weather, you should go there.

History of Manali

Manali has shown historical facts and legends surrounding it, which amuse two tourists on Indian e-Tourist visas.

The name Manali comes from the lawgiver Manu, whose teachings constituted the first ancient canonical text, the Manusmriti. It was known as Manu-Alaya or the home of Manu. Legend has it that Manu restored human life here after it was destroyed by a great flood.

Many temples dedicated to Manu still exist in Manali, as well as temples dedicated to other Hindu deities. Historically, it was the beginning of an ancient trade route to Kashmir.

Where is Manali and how to reach it?

Manali is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, at the northern end of the Kullu valley formed by the Beas river. It is 1,926 meters (6,319 feet) above sea level.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations, travellers have a variety of options to enter India after entering India using the Indian e-Visa.

Firstly, Kullu-Manali Airport is just 50 kilometers from Manali. It is connected by flights from Delhi, Chandigarh and other major cities of India. Then there is the option of reaching Manali by road, bus or taxi as there are many options for both.

You can choose to travel to these places from neighbouring districts of Himachal Pradesh or neighbouring states.

There is also a railway, but this is less popular as the nearest railway station, Joginder nagar, is 160 km away. There are other railway stations like Kiratpur which is a railway station on the Kullu-Chandigarh highway. Now when you reach any of these stations, you should be able to take taxis and other modes of transport to Manali.

Top attractions in Manali

The real charm of Manali lies in its climate and landscapes, but that’s not all. For those looking for an adventure, there are many activities such as:

  • Paragliding
  • Rock climbing
  • Heli-Skiing
  • Water sports
  • River Rafting
  • Hiking
  • Trekking

The list does not end here as there are many places to try in Manali. Now, there are also many popular tourist attractions, which are a must-see when visiting. We have compiled some of the most memorable must-sees on your India e-Visa visit.

Rohtang Pass

The Rohtang to Manali pass offers access to Lahaul and Spiti and is naturally a dream destination for Moter cyclists. And not only motorcyclists love the Rohtang Pass ride, but also tourists of all kinds.

However, heavy snows from November prevent this and visitors cannot enter until after May, and only in small numbers and only with permission.

Hidimba Devi Temple

This temple is dedicated to Hidimba, wife of Bima, the legendary hero of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It is located near the city center or the mall road, so it is easy to reach for tourists with India e-Tourist visas.

The temple itself is very elegant, with a lush cedar forest in the background. Even if you try to imagine it, it is far from the real experience.


Naggar is an ancient city 22 kilometers from Manali and was once its capital. This is another popular tourist spot where tourists can visit monuments, Naggar Palace, museums, etc.

Vashisht village

Vashisht village, 3 km from Manali, is famous for its hot springs and three temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vashisht and Lord Rama.

The spring water is known to have healing powers and its general atmosphere of sanctity and peace attracts many tourists every year.

Get your e-Visa for India and answer the call of the mountains

If you are visiting India on an Indian eVisa for tourism purposes, you can plan a trip to Manali. The average trip here is only 7 days long, but trust us, it will be one of the best days you’ll spend in India.