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Kerala, or commonly known as God’s State, is the 21st largest state in India and is located on the Malabar Coast.

It is the southernmost point of India and is a beautiful place that tourists traveling on India e-Visa would like to visit.

Today, green landscapes or beaches are commonplace, but the combination found in Kerala is unmatched anywhere else. Apart from the landscapes and biodiversity, it is not only the cleanest state in India but also has the highest literacy rate.

These are just some of the facts that may surprise you. Whether you are a tourist traveling on an Indian e-Tourist Visa or a businessman looking to escape from work while in Kerala, the state really has something amazing to offer. .

History of Kerala

Kerala history contains important references to the legendary right-handed sage Parashurama. Legend has it that he struck Kerala with an ax and reclaimed the land of Kerala from the sea, and the sea retreated to the end.

Apart from this, there are other legends related to Kerala and also there are many historical records.

For example, in one of Ashoka’s petroglyphs from the 3rd century BC, his name was originally Kerelaputo. When the British came to India, it was generally known as Malabar. Throughout its history, Kerala has had many such names.

One of the most important of them is the land of spices due to the abundance of spices produced in the state.

It has existed for thousands of years, which is why ancient traders and explorers were so interested in it.

The same applies to Indian citizens and visiting Indian eVisa travellers. The modern state of Kerala was formed in 1956 when the four Malayalam-speaking districts of Cochin, Malabar, South Kanara and Travankar were merged.

How to reach Kerala?

Although Kerala’s location may seem alarming, tourists traveling on an Indian eVisa should have no problem getting there.

In fact, the neighboring country has many transport options while being somehow connected to the rest of India. Kerala has 3 international airports and 1 domestic airport.

Depending on your preference, you can either use the Indian e-Visa to enter Kerala directly or use domestic flights. Also, there are 8 major railway stations, so you can also reach Kerala by train, but not as fast as by plane.

If you want to enjoy most of the visual offerings the country has to offer, you might want to drive to Kerala. Like other popular destinations in India, the roads connecting Kerala to other states are well maintained.

You also have the option of using public and private transport.

Best places to visit in Kerala


Alleppey is known for its back water or brackish canal with houseboat rides.

These canals cover half of Kerala and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery when you rent a suitable houseboat that also houses churches and temples along with comfortable accommodation.


The coastal city of Kochi or Cochin attracts many tourists every year with India e-Tourist Visa. Although it is a very modern city, the old buildings, references to British history etc. they are impressive.

And , we also recommend to you don’t miss to watching the Chinese fishing method to catch fishes.


Munnar  is a famous hill station in Kerala with an altitude of 1600 meters. With its tea plantations, forests and magnificent elements, it offers the best of the Western Ghats.

Whatever the season, Munnar is one of those places that you will love.


Wayanad is another famous hill station in Kerala that has a lot to offer tourists. For example, people go there for the abundance of wildlife, birds, spice plantations, waterfalls, hiking and other similar activities.


Visiting Kerala without going to the capital, Thiruvananthapuram, is a pastime that Indian eVisa holders should avoid.

 It is one of the main tourist attractions and offers exceptional architectural elements such as temples, churches, palaces, etc.

 With this comes many wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, observatories and more. Taste the delights of Kerala and other Indian states with the India e-Visa

Having an Indian eVisa will not only enable you to fulfill any particular purpose in India but also ensure that you experience the various tastes and flavors it has to offer.

Kerala is one of the many popular places frequented by tourists on India e-Tourist Visas.

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