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In this blog, we will explain how to get an Indian visa from Australia

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Do Australians need a visa to go to India?

Yes. Anyone traveling to India needs a visa to enter the country.

How to Get an Indian Visa in 24-30 hours

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Detailed Indian Visa Details for Australians

Here is the basic information you need to know about getting a visa for India.

What is Indian Visa?

Why do I need it Can Australians apply for an Indian visa on arrival in India?

Can Australians apply for an Indian visa online?

What types of visas are available in India?

How much is India Evisa? What is the Indian visa processing time?

How long is the e-Visa valid?

How long can I stay in India with a valid visa?

What is Indian Visa?

Why I need it All foreigners entering India must have a valid international travel document, i.e. a national passport and a valid visa issued by the Indian Embassy or an e-Visa issued by the Department of Immigration of the Ministry of India.

Australian citizens traveling to India for leisure or attending conferences or seminars organized by any government department or private company in India can apply for an Indian e-Visa and choose the correct eVisa.

Can Australians apply for an Indian visa on arrival in India?

no. Australian passport holders cannot apply for an Indian visa on arrival. In addition, the visa-on-arrival service is only available to nationals of Japan, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates who meet the eligibility criteria.

Can Australians apply for an Indian visa online?

Yes. Australian citizens can start the online visa application process to get an Indian visa online.

What types of visas are available in India?

The first and most important thing is to know the different types of visas you can apply for. The purpose of your visit determines the type of visa.

You can apply for the following types of eVisa for India:

Tourist e-Visa: Get this Indian e-Visa if you are traveling to India for leisure, sightseeing, visiting friends and family for leisure. It is valid for 30 days from the date of first access. Business e-Visa: If you are visiting India for business purposes, get the Indian e-Visa. Multiple entry ETAs are valid for 365 days.

Conference eVisa: If you intend to attend a conference, seminar or workshop in India, an Indian eVisa will be issued. Valid 30 days, single entry.

Medical eVisa: This Indian eVisa is available if you are traveling to India for medical treatment, including treatment under the Indian healthcare system. Valid for 60 days, it is a multiple entry visa.

How much does an EVisa cost in India?

The cost of an Indian eVisa for Australians is $25 USD or $37 AUD. and may be vary according to season.  

Once submitted, the visa processing fee is non-refundable as it is related to the processing of the application and is not contingent on the approval or denial of your Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) application).

What is the Indian visa processing time?

It may take up to 72 hours to process the e-Visa application for India.

If your visa is approved or denied, you will be notified via the email address you provided while submitting your India e-Visa application.

With us, you don’t have to worry about that; You will receive your e-Visa as soon as possible so you can focus on your travels.

How long is the e-Visa valid?

The e-Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days after your arrival in India. These are two entries within the validity period of the e-Visa attached to your passport. The first access must be between the ETA release date and the due date.

How long can I stay in India with a valid visa?

The eVisa to India from Australia allows Australians to stay for 30 days on a valid visa. Indian Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens We are about to apply for an Indian eVisa.

The last thing which is very important for India eVisa application is the required documents.

What are the materials required to get an Indian visa?

What are the required materials for an Indian visa?

Before starting the Indian visa application, it is very important to collect all the following necessary documents:

Valid Passport: When applying for an Indian eVisa, your passport must be valid for at least six months.

Passport size photo You must provide a passport size photo when completing your application.

Round trip air ticket: International travelers must have a round trip air ticket or a transfer ticket.

Hotel Directions: You must enter hotel directions. It will be used to prove your domicile in India.

Sufficient Funds – Not enough specified amount, which they will use to see if you can afford your stay in India.

Please ensure that your documents are in English, otherwise your India eVisa application will be rejected. What are the Indian Visa Photo Requirements? You must upload your own photo, Applicants must upload a recent frontal photograph with a white background. Do not crop passport photos to use as recent photos.

Upload a clear frontal photo, preferably with a white/light background.

Applications may be rejected if uploaded images are not clear and do not meet specifications.

Indian Visa Application for Australians Finally, we can talk about the Indian visa application process.

So let’s get straight to it:

Where can I apply for a visa for India?

What is the port of arrival or departure?

How to Apply Online for Indian Visa for Australians?

How can I check the status of my eVisa for India?

What do you expect when you arrive in India?

Where can I apply for a visa for India? Here’s how to apply for an Indian visa from Australia This is the most convenient way for Australians to apply for a tourist visa in India.

The application takes less than 5 minutes and you can submit all the required documents directly to the application form.

You can also scan your passport photo to upload eVisa on Government Portal: You can apply for India e-Visa on the portal from your laptop or mobile phone.

What is the port of arrival or departure?

Therefore, it is important to note that the input port must be specified when starting the application. The 29 designated airports are as follows: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Kuwait and Wahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kannur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Port Blair , Tiruchirappalli, Trivandrum, Varanasi and Visakhapatnam, These are also the seaports you can use for arrival or departure – you can leave from any Indian Immigration Check Point (ICP). Ports of Cochin, Chennai, Goa, Mangalore and Mumbai).

How to Apply Online for Indian Visa for Australians?

To get Indian visas in Australia, you need to apply online. In this section, I will walk you through the process step by step.

Step 1: When applying for registration, enter your nationality, passport type, port of arrival, etc. You will receive an email that you must confirm.

Step 2 To complete your application, open the Evisa website and click on ‘Run Partly Filled Form’ and enter your Provisional Application ID.

Step 3 Complete your application form and include your passport number and contact details. If you already have a valid visa, you must also complete a visa information form for your type of eVisa.

So, after shipping, you need to confirm the details.

Step Pay the e-Visa fee online.

You can pay for your Indian visa by credit card, debit card or wallet. When you click “Pay Now”, the application redirects you to the payment gateway to pay the visa fee and is not under the control of the online visa application. Bank payment gateways accept both OTP (time password) and non-OTP transactions.

Step Get your ETA online. You must print an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) sent to you by email.

If your e-Visa application is approved, you will be eligible to enter India under the e-Visa scheme of the Government of India.

Step 5: Travel to India, you need to print the ETA and present it at the immigration checkpoint, the e-Visa will be stamped in your passport. While applying online, you may face problems with your browser or payment of Indian visa fee.

If you want to completely avoid these problems, I recommend you to use our service to get a hassle-free visa.

How can I check the status of my eVisa for India?

You can check the status of your eVisa application by visiting the eVisa portal and clicking on Check Visa Status. You must enter the following:

Application ID The application ID that you will see in the email after the application. Passport number Visa status inquiry can be used to know visa status, payment status and print e-Visa (ETA). The Application ID can be seen in the confirmation email and printed application form

What to expect on arrival in India

When you arrive in India, immigration officials will check your supporting documents. Therefore, immigration control includes control passport visa access card Please also bring your immigration card and a stamp from your new passport. Biometrics (photos and fingerprints) will be done on arrival in India.

Failure to comply with this rule will result in denial of entry into India.